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One of the biggest perks to investing in premium steel siding is the warranty protection and peace of mind. With Midland & QualityEdge on your team, all your bases are covered.

While we’re going to happily explain the ins and outs of your siding warranty during your free design consultation or when you call, here are the core basics:

The QualityEdge Limited Lifetime Warranty

Quality Edge, Inc. warrants that your TruCedar® steel siding and shake sidewall, if used as intended for its defined lifetime…

  • (a) Will be free of manufacturing defects and will not peel, flake, chip, or crack.
  • (b) Will not chalk more than 8 Hunter E units.
  • (c) Will not irregularly fade under normal weathering more than 5 Hunter E units.
  • (d) Will not rust if cut and installed properly.
  • (e) Will protect against hail not exceeding class 3, and,
  • (f) Will meet ASTM D5402 for abrasion resistance.
  • Hail protection covers any uninsured hail damage (not including the deductible) that punctures or cracks the steel siding to expose the building envelope.
  • For covered products, Quality Edge will, at its option, repair or replace the failing product or make a pro rata refund of the initial purchase price for the defective portion of the product.

The Misconception Of Fading Steel Siding

Tons of people read that warranty information and their first question is, “Wait, what’s a Hunter unit?” The follow-up questions initially revolve around whether 8 units of chalking and 5 units of fading is high or low.

First, the Hunter’s Scale is what folks in our industry use to measure how much different siding materials fade over time. Almost everything fades over time, and keep in mind that the service lifetime of a properly installed TruCedar seamless steel siding system can be 50-70+ years.

In truth, steel siding isn’t prone to fading like it once was. TruCedar’s steel alloy sheets are incredibly stable. They don’t expand and contract like wood.

Bottom line: With the special zinc coating and finishes they use, to call them ‘fade resistant’ would be an understatement.

Midland Means No-Stone-Unturned
Siding Installs

We Offer A 1-Year Workmanship Guarantee And A Lifetime Of ‘Call Us Anytime’ Local Care

We appreciate the fact that installing innovative seamless siding systems is more demanding. It takes more time. There are more variables to consider. And it feels good to work with top-of-the-line industry leading materials.

After project completion, we’re going to keep a close eye on you for the first year. If any installation errors were missed, or any manufacturer defects somehow made it through our inspections, we’ll take care of it.

  • We’ve installed steel siding on a huge assortment of differently styled homes with consistent and outstanding success. Visit Our Siding Gallery and see some of our recent projects.
  • Each of our experienced teams understands the finer more sophisticated elements involved in picture-perfect installations. Learn more about our Installation Process.
  • Your project manager will perform inspections each day. We don’t just double check our work, we systematically and obsessively quadruple-check every detail because we take pride in our work. Learn more about our Results First, Profits 2nd approach.

Midland Exteriors is the kind of contractor you can depend on. Listen, if a decade from now the system needs some maintenance, just give us a call. We’ll be here. We’re a family-run company and we live here. We’re raising our families here. And we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

01Warranty Details

We’re happy to walk you through each detail. Click below for a PDF version of QualityEdge’s warranty.

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02Warranty Registration

After installation, you need to register within 30 days to get your warranty coverage at the following link.

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