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True Accountability Never Wavers...
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Until Your Project…
Is Immaculate!

How do you define integrity? Generally speaking, a person or company with integrity is driven by a set of values, principles, or codes.

Here at Midland, we’re driven by a sense of accountability to our customers.

When mistakes happen, and over the years they do pop up from time to time...we resolve them. We get issues fixed immediately. No fussing about. No causing any headaches. No ducking and dodging responsibility.

At Midland, we’re careful, work with purpose, and conduct walkthroughs each day of any project without exception. This has been a rule for a long time and works well.
Your final walkthrough will be detail orientated and based on your satisfaction. We’ll ensure everything is perfect before you sign your official Certificate of Completion.
If somehow we miss a big enough mistake, we’ll redo it. While this has only happened once or twice, we’re not shy about letting you know it’s a policy of ours.
99% of the time, we get no callbacks. And when we do we’re prompt, courteous, friendly, accommodating, and extremely quick to get them resolved.

In fact, the vast majority of service calls we get every year are to go out and fix (we estimate around 20-30) window and siding issues caused by lower-quality contractors!

Bottom line: Accountability is so important to us as a company that we’re not going to start your contract until we KNOW it’s going to hit your budget with bullseye precision.

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Midland Employees Get Core ‘Personal Accountability’ Training

We Hold Each Of Our Team Members To Higher Standards

As a family-owned and operated company for decades, Midland Exteriors is here to change how remodeling services are done—raising the bar for all those unqualified and unprofessional providers.

We need each link in our company chain to be strong, and that takes personal accountability. So, we focus on it every day. It’s a hot topic at every company meeting. Over time this has produced efficient, talented, and detail-oriented teams...that work incredibly well together.

For example, take this review of ours from a great guy named Barry M (we changed it to remove specific names). He makes the point:

“Would most definitely recommend Midland to someone looking to replace or install siding on their home! The foreman worked very well with his crew, the crew worked very well together, and they have a very efficient team. Everyone knew what to do and did it very well. Really an awesome team and a joy to see this type of teamwork. Questions were answered in terms you could understand. All very respectful and courteous.”

When accountability becomes a core pillar of your business, it shows in your work and your service. This is the Midland way. If you’re ready to love the home you live in, get in touch with our expert exterior remodelers today!

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Midland Exteriors is your go-to Kansas Exterior Remodeling Company. We install superior fiberglass windows, seamless steel siding, entry doors, gutters, and gutter guards. Proudly serving Manhattan, Topeka, Salina, Emporia, Flint Hills, North Kansas, Eastern Kansas, and Central Kansas. We come highly rated (A- with the Better Business Bureau) and our attention to detail is second to none. Call today to schedule a free, educational, and friendly appointment.

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