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Frequently Asked Questions (Windows)

Yes, they are. We’re extremely proud of our ‘zero sales pressure’ neighborly approach to initial design consultations. Rather than any kind of sales pitches or playing pricing games, we’re genuinely going to show you your options with Marvin’s Infinity fiberglass windows. That’s it. 


Along the way, we’ll get precise measurements for you and give you a completely transparent rock-solid quote and what the project should cost. No hidden fees. No ridiculous markups. We’re problem solvers and we’re here to help.

Midland Exteriors has been A+ rated with the BBB for over a decade now. We were first accredited back in July of 2010. Since then we’ve received zero complaints. On the flip side, you can browse plenty of our direct customer feedback by Visiting Our Reviews Page.

This is a great question. As you can imagine, it’s going to depend on the scope of your project. How many windows are we replacing? How many are in easily reachable areas? Roughly speaking, most windows take forty minutes to an hour to replace.  


The good news is that when you sit down with your Midland Exteriors consultant, you’ll work out a specific timeline. We don’t start projects until we know a) exactly how long they should take, and b) that they’re going to be within budget. No guesswork. No surprises. Just results.

We first opened our doors in 2002. Our founder and his wife both have deep roots in the area. We’re raising our families here. This is our stomping grounds. You can read more about us on the Our Story Page.

First of all, we offer a 1-year workmanship warranty. If any installation errors are discovered, Midland Exteriors is going to completely take care of it. Period. We’re a locally-owned and locally-run company that you can depend on. We’ve been here for decades and we’ll be here for decades to come. Feel free to stop by our showroom anytime and see for yourself.  


Midland is definitely the kind of company you can call if there’s a problem and we’re going to bend over backward because your satisfaction and our reputation mean everything. Exterior remodeling here in Kansas isn’t just our passion, it’s our livelihood.

Absolutely. Midland Exteriors has tons of choices to break your replacement windows investment down into a manageable plan. While every project is different, we’ve never had problems finding a solution for Kansas homeowners. Roughly 45% of our exterior remodeling projects every year are financed, so the process works like a well-oiled machine. 

The max we can finance is 65,000. And our most popular financing option is ‘18 months no payment and no interest.’ Visit Our Financing Page for more information, or simply let us know you’re interested and one of our specialists will give you all the details.

Every year American homeowners invest hundreds of billions in improvement projects. There’s a reason why replacement windows are usually near the top of the list. The answer for you really depends on the current state of your windows. 


  • Are you still using single-pane windows? 
  • Are they double-pane, but of lower quality and underperforming?
  • Are you interested in lowering your heating & cooling bills?
  • Are your windows just generally dated and losing functionality?
  • Are you looking for windows that require a lot less maintenance and cleaning?
  • Is your home in desperate need of an exterior facelift, refresh, or updated look?


We’re not financial advisors or real estate agents, but over the last couple of decades of installing replacement windows for Kansas homeowners, we’ve always known it to be a worthwhile investment.

In a general sense, even average fiberglass windows are about 15% more energy-efficient than average vinyl windows. How energy efficient your new Marvin windows will be depends on a list of factors: type of windows, type of glass, type of glazing, type of coatings, and more. 


Marvin windows and doors are made-to-order to suit your design preferences and performance requirements. Your new replacement windows will be built and designed around you —  both the visible characteristics like size, color, and material; and performance features like U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).


“As an industry leader in energy efficiency, we offer a variety of flexible and customizable window and door options that help customers balance their initial product investment with long-term performance and energy cost savings. Select or combine options to meet the demands of your home.

You can look at a free brochure from the company about this subject that covers everything in much more detail: Open Brochure. Otherwise, your Midland Exteriors consultant — sincere product experts — will be able to talk you through each detail depending on your unique situation and goals.

Without getting too deep into the complexities of window manufacturing, fiberglass outperforms. 


When you ask someone why they prefer vinyl windows, what’s the overwhelming #1 answer? 


They’re cheaper. That’s it. Rarely a mention of anything to do with performance or value. 


Meanwhile, fiberglass offers better stylistic options, durability, features, customization, longer performance, and return on investment (ROI)…with the same low maintenance requirements. Do they cost more thanks to all this increased value, not to mention they’re thicker and made of superior materials? Yes indeed. But when you consider savings on energy efficiency over time and ROI, they’re a no-brainer.

There are two answers to this question. One is really drawn-out and can get pretty complex. Your Midland Exteriors consultant can explain each detail at length, but for now the shorter answer is this:


Because here in Kansas, when it comes to premium replacement windows homeowners can depend on, there’s simply no better option in our opinion.


  • Beauty: Premium fiberglass windows offer far more styling options to customize. 
  • Tighter Seal: Because fiberglass thermally expands at roughly the same rate as glass.
  • Lasting Appeal: Unlike so many other kinds of windows, no chalking, peeling, or fading.
  • Better View: As the glass gets stronger, framing gets smaller, increasing views & light.
  • Efficiency: Depending on glass packages, these can become extremely efficient!


We also appreciate the skill and expertise it takes to master the installation of Marvin fiberglass windows. When we’re done, it honestly looks and feels like we’ve helped create residential works of art. That might sound a bit corny to some, but we genuinely enjoy providing our customers with extremely high-quality products.


These windows perform with outstanding functionality, they last for decades, and require little from you to stay looking ‘like new’ beautiful over the years.


Learn more on our Fiberglass Windows page.

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